Time to share your music and join the KWC family!


1. PRACTICE your song and upload a 1-minute clip of your video to Youtube (with minus one). You can send a video shorter or longer than one minute. Initial judging will be based on the first 1 minute of your video.

2. Copy the URL (Link) of your Youtube video and keep it ready.

3. Fill up the online entry form and wait for our email for payment and other instructions. This is an online scheme so we want to make sure that you receive our emails. Please whitelist or add the following email to your contacts:


4. Follow payment instructions on our email. 

5. Stay glued on our page to support other entries from other countries as well. We are a community. Let's bring up one another as we share our music!

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Registration Fee is payable via credit card and PayPal.

1. Your entry to the biggest and longest-running amateur singing competition in the world and a chance to tick one item in your bucket list... pursue your dream to sing and share your music! 

2. Support the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative as we add the agenda of peace and unity to our singing!

3. Chance to win over $10000 worth of prize package including airfare and hotel at the world finals.

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