About KWC Asia Online Auditions

Open to everyone 18 years old and above.

In KWC an amateur is deemed as someone who:

  1. a) Does not have a regular income as a vocalist. A regular income is defined as someone making a living from singing.
    b) May perform occasionally, provided that no more than 50% of their yearly income is from singing. This includes, but is not limited to, freelance singers, wedding singers, band singers, etc. and is subject to the other rules within these conditions of entry.
    c) Does not have a signed contract as a lead singer for an establishment or production.
    d) Does not have a management contract or a recording contract with a major label as a singer.

 -An entrant who may have had a previous professional entertainment history may enter after a 5-year break.

-The main competition (Karaoke World Championships or KWC) is open to solo performers only. The duet competition (Karaoke World Championships Duets or KWC Duets) is open to duets only.

-The contestant must be a citizen: has lived in the country for over 3 years or have a citizenship (i.e. a national passport and social security number) of the country he or she is representing.

-The organizers reserve the right to make the final assessment regarding any entrant's eligibility over and above these conditions of entry. Entrants may be asked to sign a legal document and provide proof regarding their eligibility. All issues addressing eligibility of contestants must be addressed, clarified and cleared 7 days prior to the National Finals. Proof of claim will be required.


Before taking part in the KWC World Finals Event, contestants must take part in their own country’s KWC country trials. For those in Asia from Countries that do not have KWC country trials at the moment, you are welcome to join the online audition.


-2003-2017 men and women have competed in their own categories.
-In 2016 the duets category was introduced and in 2017 KWC Junior. The duets may be comprised of different or the same singers that have been registered for the main (solo) competition. KWC Duets will be treated as a separate competition alongside the main (solo) competition. The trials for the main competition and KWC Duets may be organised separately or as one competition.
-In 2018 KWC combined the male and female categories into one Solo category = the main KWC competition.
-2018 also introduces another category: KWC Champions, where all the previous KWC contestants (solo or duets) are eligible to participate, including previous World Champions. Every partner country is free to decide how they pick the singer for KWC Champions, if such category is present.
-In 2019 there will be only Solo and Duet Categories.


KWC will let all the singers who have represented their country before, return after a two years hiatus, except for the World Champions. The singers will have to come through their own national competitions and will be able to represent their country in the Solo or Duets category. A singer is able to win the World Championship only once in each category. The same rule applies to the Duets competition which is separate from the main Solo competition. The winner of one category is still eligible to participate in another one. Please note: This rule was different between 2016-2018. During those three years KWC did not let past contestants try again in the same category.


The language used in singing may be chosen freely by the contestant and the use of own backing tracks is allowed. If you qualify to move to the World Finals, and you choose to sing a song that is not English, a translation of lyrics must be delivered at the time of registration for the world finals. In the event that a contestant chooses their songs from outside of the catalog available from the KWC Organization, the contestant must be able to provide sufficient evidence in order to prove that he or she has a right to use the backing in question at the KWC Event.

1. Online - Open to all residents of Asia countries (except Japan) and holders of passports from Asian countries, who are located in any part of the world
2. On-site (only available in areas with local venue partners)


Round 1 (Auditions)

Dates:  ONLINE AUDITIONS NOW OPEN - enjoy Early Bird Rate or $9.95!

2 ways to join:

1) ONLINE – register now

  • Accept all online entries from all Asian countries except Japan
  • We will only need a maximum of 1 minute clip of your song entry. Please fill up the form and regularly check your email for updates and instructions

2) ONSITE (only for selected territories)


Round 2 (Asia Finals)

Dates: 21 October 2019 at Hard Rock Singapore

Asia Finals will gather the top finalists from Online and onsite auditions to compete for a chance to represent their country at the World Finals!

Finalists will need to prepare 2 songs for this round. Top 3 will get a chance to be their respective country representative at the KWC world finals.

World Finals (4 rounds in World Finals)

Dates: 25 to 29 November 2019 at Kanda Myoujin Shrine Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Country representatives will need to prepare 4 songs for the world championships.


Quality of Voice- Natural richness of tone, depth, resonance; a strong yet dulcet vocal sound that is enjoyable to listen to

Mastery of Voice- Development of the voice through the practice and training to attain a higher level of proficiency and virtuosity

Range- Ability to hit low notes and high notes, and to glide smoothly through different ranges without strain 

Dynamics- Use of quieter and louder volumes as appropriate; variance of volume throughout performance

Timbre- Ability to sing richer, deeper timbres as well as softer, sweeter tones; variance of colors throughout performance


Pitch- Ability to  sing in tune and exhibit control of intonation

Timing- Ability to sing with rhythmic accuracy, taking liberties in a tasteful manner

Breathing- Supporting the voice with breath control, ability to sustain notes, taking breaths in correct places

Skill- Use of proper vocal technique, use and control of vibrato

Diction- Correct pronunciation of words and clarity


Expressiveness- Exuding emotion and passion, as appropriate for song, conveyed through the voice, body, and facial expression

Musicality- Genuinely feeling the music, shaping phrases artistically, incorporating aesthetic nuances

Lyrical Ability- Appropriate interpretation and delivery of song lyrics, placing emphasis on certain words

Individuality- Deviating from original artist recording to own the song; creation of unique style and character

Song Choice- Appropriateness of the song for the singer


  1. Solo Category
  2. Duet Category


  • 18 years old and above
  • Residents and citizens of Asia countries (except Japan)
  • Not a full-time professional singer and not under artiste management  

Please read these important terms:
▪All travel and related expenses of finalists to go to Asia and World finals are not covered by the event
▪Should finalists and winners be unable to make it to next level, we will contact the runners up based on scoring by the judges
▪Prizes are provided by sponsors and are subject to change without prior notice or compensation to winners
▪All photos and videos submitted to KWC Asia and taken during the events are property of KWC Asia and may be used for future promotions without any objections from and compensation to contestants and supporters.
▪All contestants must abide by the rules set by the organising committee
▪The decision of panel of judges from every level are final and not subject to any appeal
▪Part of the proceeds of this event will go to The Global Prosperity & Peace Initiative

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