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Music heals. Songs raise energy, nurture peace.

Singing creates bonds and promote community.

We have been around for 17 years – quietly building a following of amateur singers from all over the world.

In Asia, we have started making our mark after sending the best Asian amateur singers to the world finals for over 5 years now. We have produced World champions and medallists from Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. We have proudly brought singing talents from the East to world championships held in cities like Helsinki (Finland), Vancouver (Canada) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Karaoke World Championships (KWC) is the world’d biggest and longest-running amateur singing competition. Several others have tried to start international singing contests but we pride ourselves in our track-record, our commitment to excellence and our ethical approach to event management.

Regardless of race, nation or religion this multi-cultural international music event brings together singers from all over the world in the spirit of music, entertainment, and fun.

KWC is the opportunity for aspiring singers from all walks of life to perform on a world stage. KWC Asia is the only organisation in the region that can issue the country licenses to organise Karaoke World Championships.

In 2018, we are proud to partner with the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative and take music beyond entertainment.


Studies that have been pursued by music scholars examining the contributions of music to peacebuilding as well as the role of music in controling violence. There are existing efforts that relate music and peacebuilding.

Music is a connecting experience. American singer and social activist Peter Seeger once said, “The idea of using music to try to get the world together is now all over the place.” (

A number of well known celebrities have curated a Peace Day Playlist available through streaming services. Among the recognizable songs are Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, Joan Baez’s We Shall Overcome and John Lennon’s Imagine. 

Did you know that in 2017 World Championships held in Helsinki, the theme was Unity and singing champions from different parts of the world all sang Imagine together!

Music is a form of communication. There are many songs lyrics that strengthen the message of peace and unity.

When you sing, you become the artist who creates a version of a song and share your message, ideas and experiences.

Music can be a means of resistance for confronting the cruelty of the world, generating values of solidarity, non-violence and dialogue. It's a living process of creation and dynamism, of dreams and emotions sometime only possible thorugh singing.

Music is also a means of intergenerational and intercultural communication. It allows us to rethink the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow, giving us the opportunity to learn from the past. Music can unite people, enhance communication, break down barriers to promote peace and unification as it creates a sense of belonging to both the singer and the audience.

Quoting from George Kent, professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii,

“Music is peaceful or unpeaceful not because of the inherent character of the music itself, but because of the way it is used. Whether or not music is peaceful depends on context, but it also depends on how it is heard. If it is used to glorify evil, it is not peaceful. Music can contribute to peace, but that contribution is limited so long as it is held captive by those in power” (Urbain, et ál. 2008: 104-107).

In pop-rock, many songs have been created with themes related to peace and artistes have become involved in concerts with social causes, making their music a kind of instrument for peace. Music has and will always be a powerful means for bringing people together in building a culture of peace.

Here are some music events that have been related to peace. KWC would like to make its mark by created a music festival that celebrates music for peace, unity and well-being:

Concerts for peace and against war:

1969- Festival de Woodstock.
1978- One Love Concert, Jamaica.
2005- War Don Don, The peace Festival. Freetown. 2008- La paz sin fronteras.

Concert for disarmament:

1979- No Nukes.

Concerts for humanitarian crisis:

Post-war situations:

1971- Bangladesh Concert. 1979- kampuchea Concert.

For hunger:

1985- Live aid concert. 2003- A birr for a compatriot. 2005- Live 8.


1992- Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness.
2004- 46664 Give one Minute of your life to stop AIDS.

For the situation of children around the World:

2004- We are the future.

Concerts for the human Rights:

1986- Conspiracy of hope. 1988- Human Rights Now!

To denounce political situations and demanding freedom for victims of political regimes or for those condemned to death:

1985- Artists United Against Apartheid.
1986- Freedom Festival on Clapham Common. 1988- Nelson Mandela 70 Th Birthday Tribute Concert.
1997- Benefit Concert for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

For the Independence:

1996-1999-Tibetan Freedom Concert.


Music and singing are such unique vehicles to amplify the message of peace and bring together peoples in unity. Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Asia stands with the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative in pursuing the agenda of peace through music.


Music can make you laugh or cry, rev you up or calm you down. It's been said to be good for the soul.

Did you know that Music and healing once went hand in hand. The Chinese character for medicine includes the character for music. In ancient times, music was used to ease stress, promote sleep, and soothe pain.

Does music heal emotional suffering? Research says yes. And you can find tons of studies to back this up.

Karaoke and singing ingeneral improves social connection and provides support that can improve mental health outcomes. Any music that helps connect people can profoundly impact an individual’s mental health.


Musician like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Rage Against the Machine agree on American Singer Peter Seeger’s statement: “Participation. That’s what's going to save the human race.” And isn’t this what karaoke is about. Singing, participating, encouraging!

Music has also been used in therapies which heal disabled vets through teaching music.


And science backs this up! No less than the prestigious Harvard University has done seminar series on Music as Medicine. Here are some recent articles worth looking at to be reminded that truly singing for health is scientifically based!

In a Panel discussion at Harvard, with panelist with Harvard Medical School (

The panelists mentioned that just listening to music can be good for the heart! Let’s sing along for health. Just as our KWC USA counterparts say, KEEP ON SINGING!

Music and stress (

In a study in Sweden, findings show that attendance at music-related shows lengthens your life! Those who don’t are 1.57 times more likely to die than those who do.


Lest we forget, music is a huge industry. The recorded music industry alone is worth over USD130 Billion. We want to do our part in creating opporunties for prosperity beyond the well-being, the peace and unity and the pursuing of dreams. We are partnering with World Karaoke Academy to be a training ground for aspiring singers and trainors.


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