Judging online will be based on the below:


Quality of Voice- Natural richness of tone, depth, resonance; a strong yet dulcet vocal sound that is enjoyable to listen to

Mastery of Voice- Development of the voice through the practice and training to attain a higher level of proficiency and virtuosity

Range- Ability to hit low notes and high notes, and to glide smoothly through different ranges without strain 

Dynamics- Use of quieter and louder volumes as appropriate; variance of volume throughout performance

Timbre- Ability to sing richer, deeper timbres as well as softer, sweeter tones; variance of colors throughout performance


Pitch- Ability to  sing in tune and exhibit control of intonation

Timing- Ability to sing with rhythmic accuracy, taking liberties in a  tasteful manner

Breathing- Supporting the voice with breath control, ability to sustain notes, taking breaths in correct places (generally between phrases)

Skill- Use of proper vocal technique (singing with an open palate, not shouting, not resonating the nose, ect.) use and control of vibrato

Diction- Correct pronunciation of words and clarity


Expressiveness- Exuding emotion and passion, as appropriate for song, conveyed through the voice, body, and facial expression

Musicality- Genuinely feeling the music, shaping phrases artistically, incorporating aesthetic nuances, taking liberties in a tasteful manner

Lyrical Ability- Appropriate interpretation and delivery of song lyrics, placing emphasis on certain words

Individuality- Deviating from original artist recording(s) to make the song one's own; creation of unique style and character 

Song Choice- Appropriateness of the song for the singer

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