We are a global community of singers who live life to the fullest pursuing dreams to share our music.

Our songs celebrate life, love, health and well-being.

Our songs unite nations, bridge cultures and promote peace.

KWC 2019 Finals will be held in Tokyo, Japan!

The 17th annual Karaoke World Championships Finals will be held at the Kanda Myoujin Shrine Hall in Tokyo, Japan, between 27th – 29th November 2019.

We are excited to have the World finals for the world’s largest annual karaoke competition in the land that invented karaoke!

Get ready to sing your way to Tokyo!

Congratulations to our 2018 KWC ASIA TOP FINALISTS

(Held at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore)

2018 KWC Asia Champion from Philippines

Fatima Louise Rance

KWC Asia Silver Medalist from Indonesia

Adelaine Lapian

KWC Asia Silver Medalist from Vietnam 

Alvir Anthony Surrado

Music heals, creates bonds and unites people

Karaoke World Championships (KWC) has been raising amateur singers to professionals for 17 years now...


It's now easier to be part of KWC Family

Online audition is open to ALL amateur singers from ASIA (except Japan)



Music scholars have long examined the contributions of music to peace building. We use music to get the world together...


Health and Well-Being

Music and healing go hand in hand.  The Chinese character for...


What they say about KWC...

Come to experience every moment and Sing like no one is listening. Be truthful to yourself so you have no regrets no matter the outcome."

- Chyee Howell (USA)

I’d be happy if my voice can support, heal and encourage various people, feel fun, unite people in one. I would love to listen to more songs and walk life together 

- Ryota Kaizo (Japan)

This event unites the world with the purpose of uniting and discovering new talents

- Pedro Matias (Angola)

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4. Follow payment instructions on our email. Wait for your entry to be posted on the KWC Asia Facebook page so you can ask your friends to support you in KWC.

5. Stay glued on our page to support other entries from other countries as well. We are a community. Let's raise each other up as we share our music!


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*** Chance to win $10000+ worth of prize package including airfare and hotel at the world finals level

*** Receive World Karaoke Academy premium full year membership worth $9.95 

*** Support the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative as we add the agenda of peace and unity to our singing!


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